Mastercard & Polygon Partner for NFT Musicians Collection Via Web3 Tech

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• Mastercard and Polygon have partnered to launch NFT collections in support of musicians as part of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program.
• The limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass NFT will be available by the end of the month.
• Polygon’s (MATIC) token is trading just under $1.2, recording 7% gains over the past week.

Mastercard and Polygon Partner for Musician Support

Mastercard has launched the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program in January, a program that focuses on embracing NFTs and Web 3 technologies to support up-and-coming artists in extending their brands. The financial giant has partnered with Polygon to launch an innovative NFT collection specifically for musicians through Web3 technologies.

Releasing Limited Edition Mastercard Music Pass NFT

At NFT.NYC 2023, a conference dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Mastercard announced a limited-edition Mastercard Music Pass NFT which will unlock unique AI tools, educational materials, and priceless experiences for emerging musicians in order to boost creativity. This special edition pass will be available by the end of April 2021. Five up-and-coming artists from various genres and geographies including Young Athena, Manu Manzu, LeriQ, Emily Vu, and Cocoa Sarai have been chosen as part of this initiative to showcase its success.

Raja Rajamannar Statement

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer at MasterCard expressed his hopes that their technology can help people better understand blockchain and digital assets while also building communities around shared passions through Web3 technologies.

Benefits For Upcoming Artists

For upcoming artists it is essential to understand the business side of music as well as growing their creativity and networking opportunities which are all provided by this program from MasterCard and Polygon collaboration .

Polygon (MATIC) Gaining Momentum

Polygons native token MATIC is gaining momentum with 4% gain in 24 hours trading just under $1.3 resulting 7% weekly growth its price .It shows its superiority now working with one of largest financial institutions on billion dollar market ,which furthering adoption of network .